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CROWN & MORE is an international community that aims to promote the achievements of CROWN and INRO and further develop it for each target group and / or market sector.

Menat uses its own tailor made ​tool, called INRO, to analyse, define and organise unstructured data into predefined categories.
In other words, with INRO any data collected by any type of assessment tool can be analysed and translated into information which can be used to coach, advice and help individuals and organisations to improve their performance!

**The person behind Menat!**
“I started in the education sector, but quickly followThe person behind Menat!ed my passion in the field of coaching and management.
I moved towards a more commercial setting and started to develop methods to analyse, classify and improve human behaviours.
Understanding the true fundamentals in defining behavior, I soon expanded my focus on cultural change within projects, teams and organsations!”
– Harry Oude Wolbers

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