Ecosystem sustainable employability

All of us are living increasingly longer and continue to work for longer as a result. Sustainable employability is about how we can accomplish this in a healthy way. Johan works together with employees, employers, service providers and scientific institutes on sustainable employability while ensuring privacy and a safe environment, in order to promote innovation and health.

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In charge of your own data

A personal dashboard as a smart decision aid that offers personalised content and services offered by the employer based on your score profile for sustainable employability.

  • Insights into your health and functioning
  • Be in charge of your own data
  • Set goals and improve yourself
  • Access to the marketplace
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All of your service providers in one portal

All the tools you need to give shape to sustainable employability in your organisation.

  • Extensive package of validated research instruments
  • Provide access and manage your own content and range of interventions
  • Smart management and analytical information
  • Access to the marketplaces of service providers
  • Measuring progress and effects
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Service providers

Manage your customers easily and safely

An integral platform to support your services with high-quality tools and instruments that you can configure yourself in order to create your own product.

  • Extensive package of validated research instruments
  • Provide access and manage your own content and range of interventions
  • Reselling your own products to employers or other service providers
  • Complying with legislation and regulations
  • Smart analytical tools
  • Your own quality system for monitoring your own services
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Scientific institutes

Innovating and experimenting

Set up pilot projects and do scientific research, develop new tools and bring them to market on a platform, set up new business models and gather feedback from the market.

  • Manage intellectual property securely
  • Starting and managing research projects
  • Standardised data collection & data integrity
  • Set up a profit model to finance further development
  • Complying with privacy and security requirements
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Independent marketplace for innovation and healthy living

Johan is an independent marketplace where TNO, NPDI, knowledge institutes and service providers incorporate and further develop their content, interventions and instruments. The various partners manage their own marketplaces on themes like health, employability, motivation, work stress and psychosocial workload, health and safety, craftsmanship and leadership.

Easy collaboration, secure collaboration

We make it easier for service providers to comply with the legal frameworks for privacy and security assurance. Johan is certified to the ISO 27001 standard for the continuous management of risks. All sorts of technical measures have been taken to regulate privacy and security, such as double authentication (LoA3), logical access for each user, separate data storage, data encryption and privacy by design principles.

Transparency & quality assurance

NPDI and TNO are developing a quality management system to guarantee the quality of instruments, interventions, and advisors. Partners, such as consultancy firms, occupational health and safety services, employment agencies, will participate in the quality management system in order to continuously professionalise and innovate.

API: integrate and connect

The portal is built on an API. This makes it possible to easily connect and integrate existing tools and applications in the marketplace. Links to HR information systems, attendance systems, devices & sensor data via mobile are some of the available options.